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Antelope Island

I’ve been busy working on a new website and logo so I thought I would go through my hard drive and find something I hadn’t posted in the past. Here is a shot from Antelope Island during a visit to Salt Lake City.


My advise if you are traveling the high road to Taos, skip the left turn!

New Mexico Churches

I photographed many different churches while in New Mexico including the San Miguel Mission, which is the oldest church in the US and built in the early 1600s and the Loretta Chapel, home to the famous and unexplainable stairway said to have been built by Jesus himself.

Check out the full gallery on my flickr page.

New Mexico Cemeteries

While traveling through New Mexico this fall I came across two very interesting and beautiful cemeteries. Not only did they hold some of the oldest graves I had ever seen in person, but they were also very unique. Many were represented by a small memorial that gave insight into the personality of the loved one that had been laid to rest there.