Detroit Revealed at the Detroit Institute of arts

If you are in the Detroit area I strongly encourage you to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts and check out the photography show “Detroit Revealed.” The show features over 50 photographs taken between 2000 and 2010 from artists Michelle Andonian, Carlos Diaz, Scott Hocking, Andrew Moore and Corine Vermeulen, with images accompanied by video work from Dawoud Bey and Ari Marcopoulos. The show does a great job of showing the city through a wide variety of perspectives, from Andrew Moore’s wall sized C Prints of some of the city’s abandoned and decaying structures, to Dawoud Bey’s intimate portraits and video interviews of teens local teens. The show runs until Sunday, April 29th and since the museum has also organized the “Rembrandt and the Faces of Jesus” exhibit, which will run until Sunday, February 12th, going to the Detroit Institute of Arts should be a top priority for anyone that can make it. If you don’t live in the area I have posted links to all of the artists.


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My name is Katherine Winter and I am a photographer in Denver, Colorado. Exploring long term projects, shooting with medium format cameras, working with film and photographing at lengthy exposures are my specialties. But this blog is not intended to show you my portfolios, it is simply a way of expressing my day to day exploration of photography not only with my images, but trough the work of others and by sharing ideas within the photography and art community.

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